Monday, October 6, 2008

Denise McGill Questions

I really enjoyed going to the Denise McGill exhibit and seeing her photographs up close and in print. I was kind of nervous about asking her some questions but I found that when I actually started talking to her she was very personable and willing to answer all of my questions. The first question I asked her was if she found one subject more interesting/fulfilling to shoot. She said that of all the works she has done she really enjoys documenting the story of different refugee's. I also asked her if she just takes her camera out into her daily life and takes pictures for herself, not necessarily on a mission. She said that yes she did and more often than not she found that some of these photos turned into photo's she put in her exhibits. Then last question I asked her was what to do if a student, like myself, was limited by the ability of my camera, she assured me that point-and-shoot cameras were not that bad and in fact has shot some of the photos in her collection with a run of the mill point-and-shoot. I found the experience rewarding and am glad that I had the opportunity to observe such a talented photographer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I really liked this picture but it just kinda seemed like the colors were kinda faded looking so I changed the contrast of the picture to make the colors pop out a little more...

Barn Aisle

This photo of barn aisle was pretty cool but the color was kinda grity so I changed the color to grayscale...

Shadowed Creek

For this image I added a layer to change the color of the mid-tones, shadows, and highlights. I changed the mid-tones to more magenta while moving the highlights to more of a green and blue. 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Assignment 1- Un-familiar Space

These pictures were taken at the Pinicle's, which is a state park-type of thing outside Columbia on highway 63. My family used to camp here a lot when I was little but I chose it as my un-familiar space because I hadn't been there in probably five or so years and things were bound to have changed... And they did!

Assignment 1- Familiar Space

These Pictures were all taken at the Stephens College Stables...
This is Bernie the farrier, he was shaping a horse shoe.

This picture is of Kahla Buthlay raking the aisle-way.

This photo was taken of Milo, one of the Saddlebred's at the stable. I had just got done tacking him up...

All in all I was not happy with the way most of the pictures at the barn turned out...The lighting wasn't that great and my camera was having a bit of trouble.

Monday, September 1, 2008